Moving Forward

🙂  That’s it!  It makes sense now.  His persistent nagging for me to move out is because he has ‘moved on’ so to speak.  Last night he left the house at 11 pm, and returned at 7 am.  There’s only one type of visit that falls into that category!  Haha.  So, to lighten the awkwardness this morning, as he walked naked from the shower to his room, I light heartedly suggested he should stop that practice after spending the night elsewhere as it sends mixed messages :-).  I then had my own shower.  After getting mostly ready I knocked on his bedroom door to chat about it –  I was very straight about not wanting to know where he spent the night.  I let him know it affected me – I didn’t cry or anything dramatic, just simply stated that of course it affected me.  I then asked if this is why he’s been so persistent about me moving out – as in he doesn’t know how to date while living with the ex?  He just said it’s an awkward situation.  I agreed.  It is.  But then I pointed out it’s comfortable, and probably the least lonely break up ever – not that we spend a lot of time together these days, but it’s comforting not being completely alone all the time.  He agreed that this is the least lonely break up so far.  I also pointed out we still get along.  We can chat – we can laugh – we can not talk at all – just like normal roommates.  I then left the room to keep getting ready.  A few minutes later, he offered to share his latest cheesy jokes, the first two were funny, the third I don’t remember because I started getting teary eyed and was remembering how I loved these cheesy jokes of his.  I kept getting ready.  He drove me to where I needed to go on his way to work.  He asked me if I wanted to go shooting on Sunday (not to kill me – haha – though I suppose keeping loaded guns away for the moment is wise).

So.  I think that was it.  He’s moving on (so am I btw – but not worth mentioning yet) and he does not know how to date and live with me.  I get it.  I don’t know either.  A man I plan on meeting this weekend keeps referring to picking me up – but I don’t think that’s right quite yet.  I feel like I am the one in this break up that will handle these first firsts better.  He’s now spent the night with someone else, so I feel a whole lot less awkward about when I do it.  And I’m glad we were able to just talk about it this morning – that it’s ok – that yes its awkward – but it’s what is going happen.  I want him to be the first to be picked up by another woman too.  It just makes things easier, and I don’t have to worry about his spite and anger 😉