Lull, Lull, Lull, Lull, Lull

So,  In my mind it is still lull time.  And it’s been over a week?  Nothing really dramatic or exciting going on.  The ex is somewhat pestering me about moving out earlier than when I can get back into my own house.  Though I am not sure where he expects me to go.  We have been living together for 5 years, and unfortunately for me we started dating shortly after I moved to this city.  So sadly, I do not have a wide range of friends.  Not ones that I can impose on for 4 months anyways!

So, I say, why can’t we be grown up about this?  We are supposed to be grown ups after all.  I completely agree with him that living together for 4 months is not an ideal situation, but honestly for me, it’s better than what he proposing I should do – get the first dive I can move into asap and get out.  Don’t you admire those couples who can remain friends after a break up and still treat each other with dignity and respect.  I know I do.  That’s the kind of person I want to be.  I just wish the ex wanted to be like that too.

He has one friend who recently went through a break up and was living with his ex for a couple of months while the ex found a place.  I remember when he told us this story, neither of us thought it was weird… We both thought it was mighty BIG of him.  To be able to play nice.  So, I reminded my ex of this tonight.  Hopefully he thinks about it some more and becomes a big man himself.

And, I must say.  It’s rather comforting still living here.  For me, we have already fallen into roommate mode.  It’s easy.  It’s not lonely.  It’s comfortable.  We joke, share stories about our day that the other person has the background to understand without a lengthy explanation, watch tv together sometimes.  Now by no means do I plan on extending my stay, but I am not feeling the desire to get out immediately either.  I see no reason why we cannot live amicably for 4 more months – we managed for 5 years after all 🙂

So, I was searching on the internet for the typical amount of time ex’s cohabitate after a break up thinking maybe I am being unreasonable – and Nada!  I seen one post with 5 people’s situations.  Not something I can conclude is typical.  But they did range from 6 weeks to a year and a half!  So I’d say 4 months is not so bad.  Of course we have ‘rules’.  Don’t bring a date home, etc.  That seems completely reasonable to me.  What I am a little fuzzy on, is a date picking you up.  It doesn’t seem so bad, but I suppose it may crush the other person if they themselves are not at that stage yet.  I suppose to be safe and respectful, no dates picking us up is completely reasonable.

*fingers crossed* one of my tenants moves out sooner rather than later.