‘Games we play’

So… Here I am.  Recently (5 days ago) broken up.  Still living in same household as Ex.  We obviously have unresolved ‘stuff’ to take care of.  For instance an unclaimed 2 for 1 movie ticket that we made plans for using last night for an early show.  He stood me up…  No call, no text, no nothing.. just didn’t come home until 1 pm the following day.  1.5 hours after we were supposed to be at the movie started I needed to leave the house.  I couldn’t be the girl sitting at home ‘waiting’.  I couldn’t give him that satisfaction.  And this is what I mean about the spite.  He knew his actions were going to hurt me, and that is exactly what he wanted to do.  And he succeeded and knows it.  I just don’t get why he was so nice that morning, at one point even intentionally brushing up against me in passing, and suddenly is so cruel again.

All he had to say when he came home was ‘we broke up remember?’.  Well yes I remember.  But that does not mean that those words have made my feelings magically disappear.  You do not need to treat me worse than you would your friend, or a stranger.  I deserve more than that.  If you had had plans with anyone else and something came up that caused you to not be able to fulfill those plans – you wouldn’t just leave your friend waiting for you.  I am not dirt.  And I refuse to let you treat me like I am anymore.  You Win.